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Emergency Assistance and Vital Services

Area Code 808 unless otherwise indicated

Ambulance/Fire/Police (all Islands) DIAL 911

Harbor Police Dispatch:
Oahu   587-2076
Kauai   245-6996
Maui   877-5713

Marine Emergencies/Search & Rescue
Nearshore 0-3 miles (fire rescue)   911
Offshore 3-200 miles (Coast Guard)   1-800-552-6458
Offshore 200+ miles (Coast Guard)   1-800-331-6176
Coast Guard Toll-free cellular phone:   *USCG (*8724)

Civil Defense
Oahu  523-4121
Maui    243-7285
Hawaii   935-0031
Kauai   241-6336

Hyperbaric Treatment Center - Bends Treatment
(Oahu) 24-Hrs   587-3425

Oil and Hazardous Material Spills
Coast Guard   (Oahu)    522-8260
    24-Hrs.  927-0830
National Response Center
   Toll Free   1-800-424-8802

Chemical & Oil Spill Reporting
Dept. of Health (Oahu)   586-4249
     After Hours   247-2191

Time Tick
(WWVH Coordinated Universal Time) 471-6363


NOAA Radio Recording
Oahu   973-6109
Maui   871-6706
Lanai   565-6033
Molokai   552-2477
Hawaii   935-5055
Kauai   245-2919

National Weather Service Marine Forecast
Hawaiian Waters   973-4382
Oahu   973-4381
Maui County   877-3477
Hawaii County   935-9883
Kauai County   245-3564

Marine Radio Frequencies

Aloha Tower/Marine Traffic Control:
Channel 12    (156.60 MHz)

Intl. Hailing & Emergency Frequency:
Channel 16    (156.800 MHz)

NOAA Weather Radio Network: 
(Hilo, Honolulu): 162.550 MHz
(All other areas):  162.400 MHz

High-Frequency (HF) Single Sideband: 
7080 kHz

Coast Guard Medium-Frequency  (MF) Sideband:
2670 kHz

Citizens Band (CB) Radio:
Channels 9 and 23

State RACES Link on Oahu:
147.060 MHz

State RACES Link on Kauai & Maui:
147.040 MHz

State RACES Link on Hawaii:
147.020 MHz


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